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The videos above include an overview of TLC shown upon receiving the 2010 Award for Excellence in Social Innovation (by the Dallas Center for Nonprofit Management) as well as testimonials from judges and attorneys who use TLC’s services to help children every day.

Abused children’s lives depend on the outcome of their court cases.

In 2013 in Texas alone, over 66,000 children were confirmed as victims of abuse or neglect. Nearly 47,000 abused and neglected children were immersed in the legal system, relying on the courts to save them and protect them from further harm. Every child who is removed from a home after confirmed abuse or neglect has a court case in which a court-appointed attorney represents the child and a judge decides critical aspects of the child’s future. The system for handling these cases, however, is overburdened and underfunded. The dedicated judges and attorneys involved face many obstacles, such as mounting caseloads, overburdened courts, and a severe lack of resources that are commonly available in other fields of law. Texas Loves Children helps legal professionals in their efforts to ensure that court decisions provide the best outcome for each child.

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